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Toronto Economic Forum II

Welcome Remarks

Symeon G. Tsomokos, Delphi Economic Forum
John Sotos, Co-President, The Hellenic Initiative-Canada, Canada
Symeon Tsomokos
John Sotos
John Sotos

Discussion: Perspectives in the new economy for innovation & partnership between Canada & Greece

Francois-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Canada
Nikos Papathanasis, Alternate Minister of National Economy & Finance, Greece

Chair: Vassy Kapelos, Host Question Period, Power Play & The Vassy Kapelos Show
Vassy Kapelos
Nikos Papathanasis
François-Philippe Champagne

Canada – Greece – Cyprus Relations

Konstantina Athanasiadou Ambassador Plenipotentiary & Extraordinary of Greece to Canada
Karine Asselin, Canadian Ambassador to Greece and High Commissioner to Cyprus
George Ioannides, High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus
Annie Koutrakis, Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of Tourism & Minister Responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec

Chair: Katerina Sokou, Correspondent from Washington D.C. Kathimerini and SKAI TV
Karine Asselin
Georgios Ioannides
Annie Koutrakis
H.E. Konstantina Athanasiadou
Katerina Sokou
Katerina Sokou

Two way investment and deepening of commercial/economic ties between Greece and Canada

Effie J. Triantafilopoulos, MPP & Parliamentary Asst. Minister, Economic Development, Job Creation & Trade, Canada
Sophia Kounenaki-Efraimoglou, President, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Marinos Giannopoulos, CEO, Enterprise Greece, Invest & Trade, Greece
Daniel Hengeveld, Investment Attraction Vice President of Toronto Global, Canada
Constantine Katsigiannis, President, Canada-Greece Chamber of Commerce, Greece

Chair: Theofilos Argitis, Managing Director of Compass Rose Group and former Ottawa bureau chief at Bloomberg News
Theofilos Argitis
Giannopoulos Marinos
Marinos Giannopoulos
Hengeveld Daniel
Daniel Hengeveld
Sophia Kounenaki-Efraimoglou
Effie Triantafilopoulos
Effie J. Triantafilopoulos
Constantine Katsigiannis

Keynote Address

George Burns, CEO of Eldorado Gold, Canada

Introduction by: Symeon G. Tsomokos, Delphi Economic Forum
George Burns
Symeon Tsomokos

Networking Break

Mining, critical materials and new technology

George Pirie, Minister of Mines, Ontario, Canada
Julie Dabrusin, Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of Natural Resources & Minister of Environment & Climate Change
George Burns, CEO of Eldorado Gold, Canada
George Paspalas, CEO & Director, MAG Silver
Kathrine Farris, Founder and CEO of Vital Energy, Canada

Introduction by: Vasileios Tsianos, Director of Corporate Development, Neo Performance Materials
George Paspalas
George Pirie
Vasileios Tsianos
Kathrine D. Farris

Incubators and Startups

Roula Bachtalia, Director of E-G-G (Enter-Grow-Go), Eurobank, Greece
Andrea Richardson, Director Strategic Projects, DMZ Incubator, Canada
Peter Polydor, President of Ergo Holdings and Ergo Capital, Canada
Angelos Stavrakis, CEO & Founder of SadeSize, Greece

Leon Gavalas, CEO & Founder, bespot.
Panagiotis Hatzilazaridis, CEO & Co-founder, ManaGi
Alexander Tsouknidas, Director, Laboratory for Biomaterials and Computational Mechanics

Chair: Dionyssis Protopapas, Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Greece in Toronto
Leon Gavalas
Alexander Tsouknidas
Panagiotis Hatzilazaridis
Angelos Stavrakis
Peter Polydor
Andrea Richardson
Roula Bachtalia
Dionysios Protopapas

Venture Capital across the ocean

Michalis Vlastarakis, General Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communication, Eurobank SA Group, Greece
Haris Lambropoulos, President, Hellenic Development Bank of Investments S.A., Greece
David Kornacki, Director, Research and Product, Canadian Venture Capital Association
Marina Cortes, Deal Partner and Advisory Board Member, Intrinsic Innovations
George Rossolatos, CEO & Managing Partner, Canadian Business Growth Fund, Canada

Chair: Constantine Katsigiannis, Former Member, Board of Directors, European Venture Capital Association
Marina Cortes
David Kornacki
George Rossolatos
Haris Lambropoulos
Vlastarakis Michalis
Michalis Vlastarakis
Constantine Katsigiannis

Lunch Break

Addressing new challenges in public safety through cutting edge space technology developed in Greece

Thanasios Potsis, President of the Hellenic Association of Space Industry, Greece
Konstantinos Michanetzis, Co-founder & CEO, Seeders

Introduction by: Constantine Tzembelicos, Managing Partner, Mediterra Holdings
Konstantinos Michanetzis
Athanasios Potsis
Constantin Tzembelicos

In Conversation: The Collaboration Between Aegean & CAE

Nick Leontidis, CEO Civil Aviation Training Solutions, Canada

Chair: Robert Peck, Ambassador of Greece to Canada (2011 to 2015)
Nick Leontidis
Robert Peck
Robert Peck

Tourism & the Influence of Diaspora Communities

Dimitrios Dimitriou, Vice President, BoD, Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Afroditi Xydi, Executive Director Desmos Policy Institute

Chair: Vassileios Tsianos, Director of Corporate Development, Neo Performance Materials, Canada
Afroditi Xydi
Vasileios Tsianos

The cultural and economic impact of film industry for Greece and Canada

Panos Kouanis, CEO of Ostracon Entertainment-Culture-Creative Industries Fund, Greece
Patricia Carrareto, Vice President of Operations, TriBro Studios

Chair: Steve Mirkopoulos, Co-Founder of Cinespace Studios
Patricia Carrareto
Steve Mirkopoulos
Panos Kouanis
Panos Kouanis

Research, innovation and partnership opportunities between Canada and Greece

Opening Presentation by Maximos Senetakis, Deputy Minister of Development of Greece

Dimitri Androutsos, Ass. Dean, Undergrad. Programs & Student Affairs, Toronto Metropolitan University
Alexis Phylactopoulos, Executive Chair of the CYA Board of Trustees in Athens/DIKEMES, Greece
Claudia Carydis, Vice President, Public Affairs, The American College of Greece
George Sarsaroudis (Charchar), Contact Person in Ottawa for GKP Law Associates, Greece

Chair: Katerina Sokou, Correspondent from Washington D.C. Kathimerini and SKAI TV
Maximos Senetakis
Dimitri Androutsos
George Sarsaroudis (Charchar)
Alexis Phylactopoulos
Alexis Phylactopoulos
Katerina Sokou
Katerina Sokou

Philanthropy and the role of the Greek diaspora and civil organizations as vehicles for social and economic prosperity

Paul Kidner, Senior Advisor of the TIMA Foundation, Canada
Athina Dessypri, President of the Bodossaki Foundation, Greece
Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete, Canada
Robert Peck, Ambassador of Greece to Canada (2011 to 2015)
Marie Bountrogianni, Advisory Board Member, former Dean, Cabinet Minister, Chief Psychologist, HWDSB

Chair: Nik Nanos, Data Scientist Nanos Research, Canada
Nik Nanos
Marie Bountrogianni
Tony Lourakis
Athina Dessypri
Paul Kidner
Paul Kidner
Robert Peck
Robert Peck

Closing remarks

Symeon G. Tsomokos, Delphi Economic Forum
Symeon Tsomokos

THI Canada Fundraiser Dinner at the Arcadian Court – Registration required

Hosted by The Hellenic Initiative Canada at the Arcadian Court, Simpson Tower Building.

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